A transcendent new work by young Australian composer Josephine Gibson, Panta Kremamena draws from Judaeo-Christian liturgy, interweaving new music with the ancient practice of public worship: readings, petitions, psalms, sermons. The work is a meditation on the idea of creation, reckoning with our flawed design, and with our capacity to create terrible and beautiful things alike.

Michelle Leonard OAM has programmed this new work alongside traditional liturgical choral texts from Byrd and Palestrina (amounts others), and instrumental interludes from a chamber orchestra accompanied by celebrated soloists Anna Fraser (soprano) and Andrew O’Connor (bass).

This work presents a rare opportunity to create a space for reflection.

‘We were made with our throats burned, our hands scarred; we were built to disintegrate, and given life on condition of death.

We did not ask for this; but our wound is our gift, our torment is our triumph, and even among the worst and darkest depths, we can draw forth beautiful things.’

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