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Callan Park

12pm and 4pm onĀ 23rd October at Leichhardt Town Hall

Leichhardt Espresso Chorus, alongside one of Australia's premiere vocal ensembles Song Company, will perform a thought-provoking and emotive work by young Australian composer Andrew Howes that was commissioned by the chorus back at the beginning of 2016.

The work celebrates one of our local landmarks, Callan Park. Andrew writes: 

“I have been privileged, this year, to write a piece about Callan Park. I grew up on a street that ends with the park, and spent much of my youth cycling or walking beneath the willows, cypress and pines. And the stories of its history gave the place a strange, somber air – something that I have strived to capture in this piece.

There are two central themes in this work: despair and optimism. 

Despair comes from lives lost, lives lived and lives forgotten, within Callan Park. Of the stories on which I’ve focused, all deal with despair in different ways – Louisa Lawson, who lost a child, and later her mind, and George McQuay, who lost all memories to shell shock.  But the central, imperative balance to despair, optimism, shines through as well, if only in a peace to find at the end of all stories.”


Green Mosaic: Kezia Yap

From Hell to Heaven: Andrew Howes

Artistic Director Michelle Leonard will host a conversation at the start of the concert with the composer and leading authorities on Callan Park’s history to set the scene for this remarkable new work.

Duration: Approx. 70 minutes