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2008 Midwinter Messiah

Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church Annandale
28 and 29 June 2008

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With LEC having turned ten years old, Artistic Director Michelle Leonard scheduled Handel's Messiah for mid-winter 1998 with a wonderful orchestra and soloists in the intimate setting of Annandale's Hunter Baillie church. It seems that doing Messiah is almost a choral "rite of passage"; you know that you have come of age when you have climbed this musical Everest.

The work has so much musical resonance emotionally and artistically in the 21st century as it did when it was composed, so long ago. This may be surprising considering that we live in a much more secular society. But Messiah has aged well; as has the LEC! 

Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard 
Conductor: Michelle Leonard 

Soprano: Mina Kanaridis

Alto: Natalie Shea Tenor: Andrei Laptev 
Bass: Craig Everingham
Project Team: Lliane Clarke, Chris Robinson, Miriam Poole, Diana Beauchamp, Sally Hanna Osborne, Jeanne Kinninmont, Pepe Newton
Special thanks to: Margie Moore and Karen Carey

LEC pictured after singing the mid-winter Messiah at the Hunter Baillie church in Annandale on 29 June 2008.