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2008 Deadly Confessions

St James Church Sydney
5 April 2008

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With this concert, Artistic Director Michelle Leonard and composer Dan Walker cheekily juxtaposed Mozart's Confessore Vespers with evocative contemporary twists on the "original" seven deadly sins.

Interspersing Mozart with music using text by Dilbert, Sappho, Dante and Marlowe might seem radical, but rather than diluting the musical intensity of the Confessore Vespers this treatment re-invigorated them, allowing each to shine in its own right. It was like putting a more contemporary setting around magnificent diamonds - resulting in breathtaking music.

Seven Deadly Sins by Dan Walker was dedicated to James Lyle Rae and commissioned by his daughters.

LEC released a DVD of this performance (Live at St James) that you can buy here. For a sample, play the Youtube video below.

LEC sings an extract from Superbia by Dan Walker, part of the Seven Deadly Sins suite performed at St James Church Sydney on 5 April 2008.

Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard 
Soprano: Belinda Montgomery
Alto: Nadia Piave
Tenor: Dan Walker 
Bass: Craig Everingham
Project Manager: Diana Beauchamp