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2007 Luce

25 August 2007

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In early 2007 Sydney got a brand new performance and exhibition venue: Carriageworks. LEC performed at the Carriageworks' opening Singing the space on 25 February 2007. Six months later we returned for Luce, a concert of illuminating new Australian music.

The look and feel of the concert program (click the image on the right) may be familiar; we subsequently adopted the "bobbing lights" graphic as the background for our website (see at the sides) and the "rows of heads" graphic as our logo (see the foot of each web page).

The concept for Luce was born out of LEC's experience as choir-in-residence at the 2006 Moorambilla festival. Luce is a story of "light", reflecting and refracting through us. It is atmospheric, beautiful, elegant, confronting and uplifting. The words and music celebrate what it means to be human, reminding us of our responsibility to ourselves, eac other and our environment. This is manifest in the poetry of Gwen Hardwood featured in the last work on the program, You dead kings rising by Christopher Gordon. The program also included fresh, new Australian choral music by Marco Creazzo, Meredith Hope and Dan Walker.

Click below to play a Youtube clip from this concert: Dan Walker's Last Drinks.

LEC and the Reddam House Choir performing Last Drinks at Carriageworks on 25 August 2007

Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard

Piano: Marco Creazzo

Piano: Luke Byrne

Project Manager: Jeanne Kinninmont