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2002 CD: Songs for the Outback

Studio 301 Alexandria

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The great achievement of the Year of the Outback Tour tour was the sense of community and hope when everyone involved joined together, forgot about the drought and sang their hearts out. We decided that we needed to capture this spirit by recording the music onto a CD while it was still fresh. 

The momentum of the tour continued with a road trip like no other to bring to Sydney a 50-strong choir formed from students from far western NSW.

125 singers, two rehearsals and one very intense day of recording. What the listner hears is a testament not only to their musical ability but also to their sense of purpose and commitment to the project.

Leichhardt Espresso Chorus sings "This Land", part of the Outback Suite composed by Paul Jarman for the choir's "Year of the Outback" tour in 2002. 

Recording the CD in Studio 301

Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard

Conductor: Michelle Leonard 
Saxophone: Christina Leonard
Percussion: Luke Robinson
Bazouki, saxillo, whistles: Paul Jarman

Guitar: Peter Kenard

Double Bass: Liz Frenchman

Vocal Soloists: Sailing in the Boat - Billie McCarthy and Hanna Leach; In Memory of an Unknown - Dave Mathieson; Ride Away - Paul Jarman 

Engineered by: Anton Hagop and Nicholas Cervonaro

Mastered: Michael Macken