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Commissioned Works

The Leichhardt Espresso Chorus is committed to the development of new Australian choral music. This involves commissioning new music and updated arrangements of classics for particular events (such as reworkings of traditional carols for the Carols on Norton Concerts).

Since 2002 the choir has commissioned or co-commissioned 115 new songs and 29 new arrangements. Highlights amongst our world premieres are Dan Walker's Mass of Deliverance, Sally Whitwell's Breath of Kindness Suite (3 movements) that was commissioned by The Gentle Exercise Morning Tea Group and major works from leading Australian composers such as Gerard Brophy and Christopher Gordon. As part of its role as choir-in-residence at the annual Moorambilla Festival, LEC has also participated in the premiere of an additional 22 new songs and 7 new arrangements that were commissioned for that Festival. So, over a period of 14 years, LEC has participated in the world premiere of a total of 176 pieces. This is a proud achievement and the choir undertakes regular fundraising activities to ensure we can continue to foster this artistic endeavour.

Our Artistic Director, Michelle Leonard, has written about the process of commissioning new music in her Mentor's Blog on the Australian Music In Communities website. Click here to read her insights into the tribulations and the rewards of commissioning new music.

Chronological list of our Commissioned Works

Premiere    Composer               Name


28 Jun       Dan Walker              Last Verses (5 movements)
               Owen Elsely             On Love (4 movements)
20 Dec       Andrew Howes          Christmastide Pavane
               James Madsen          Sotto la Stella
               Fiona Loader            Christmas in Sydney
               William Yaxley          There is no Rose


22 Mar       Alice Chance            Coalescence
14 Jun       Sally Whitwell           This Paradise Now Suite (6 movements)
               Anastasia Pahos        The Sseucle Song Cycle (2 songs)
               Alice Chance            Conjured Characters
               Tom Knapp              Food for Thought
12 Oct       Dan Walker              Mass of Deliverance (5 movements)
21 Dec       Andrew Howes          Silent Night, Glassy Night
               Owen Elsely             That's Why I Really Like Christmas


14 Apr       Gerard Brophy          Magnificat Suite (3 movements)
29 June      Alice Chance            Aesop's Fables Suite (5 movements)
               David Basden           Rococco Preludes
               David Basden           Have more than thou Showest
               David Basden           Times Glory
               David Basden           Fortune's Goodnight
               David Basden           'To See A World
               Tom Knapp              Lonesome George
1 Dec        Anastasia Pahos        A Byzantine Carol
               Alice Chance            Prayer for Harmony


23 June      David Basden           Eternity
               David Basden           An Die Musik
               David Basden           Stand Up and Look At Me
               Dan Walker             Were All the Stars to Disappear and Die
               Dan Walker             + Reckless (David Reyne)
               Dan Walker             + Fileds of Gold (Sting)
21 Sept      Ben Van Tienan        How Can I Keep from Singing?
23 Dec       Alice Chance            Three Kings
               Alice Chance            Christmas Harmony

NB The following work was commissioned by the Gentle Exercise Morning Tea Group and premiered by LEC

23 June      Sally Whitwell          Breath of Kindness

26 Jun        Dan Walker             Lines in the Sand (3 movements)
                David Basden          How Many Miles to Babylon
18 Dec        Billie McCarthy        Carols on Norton Ten Year Anniversary Blues
                Christina Leonard     + O Come All Ye Faithful (Trad)
                Luke Byrne             + O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Trad)
                Luke Byrne             + Harke the Herals Angels Sing (Trad)
                Luke Byrne             + Six White Boomers (Rolf Harris)

27 March     Luke Byrne              Such Country suite (5 movements)
                David Basden           The Birds
                Andrew Schultz         Simplify, Simplify
18 Sep        Gerard Brophy          ^ Moorambilla Dawn
                David Basden           Ave Maria
                David Basden           Processional
                         ^ Co-commissioned with Moorambilla Voices

2 March       Luke Byrne             Immortal Beloved
                Sally Whitwell          She Walks in Beauty
                Sally Whitwell          The Song of the Wandering Aengus
5 July         Luke Byrne              Salmos de Santiago
26 Sept       Luke Byrne              Back in My Day
                Elena Kats-Chernin     ^ Baiaime's Ngunnhu suite (6 movements)
20 Dec        Dan Walker             What Can You See?
                         ^ Co-commissioned with Moorambilla Voices

5 April         Dan Walker          Seven Deadly Sins suite (7 movements)
21 Dec        Billie McCarthy          I Love Christmas
                Sally Whitwell           Lute Book Lullaby
                Sally Whitwell           Hodie Christus Natus Est

5 April        Dan Walker               + Weep No More (David Childs)
25 Aug       Christopher Gordon      You Dead Kings Rising
               Marco Creazzo            Beyond the Sea
               Meredith Hope            Deep Waters Rising
16 Dec       Billie McCarthy           Almost Christmas Day

 17 Dec      Billie McCarthy           Billie's Song
               Marco Creazzo           + The First Christmas

17 Sep       Dan Walker               Coutts Crossing
               Michelle Leonard*        Across the Plains  (*Arranged: Marco Creazzo)
               Michelle Leonard         + Bellambi (Matthew Doyle)
               Michelle Leonard         + Drought/Paint Up (Matthew Doyle)
               Michelle Leonard         + Shall We Dream (Michael Atherton)
               Michelle Leonard &      + Sailing in the boat (Trad.)
               Marco Creazzo
               Michelle Leonard &      + Din Din Din (Trad.)
               Marco Creazzo
               Paul Jarman^             Ride the Spirit
23 Sep       Paul Jarman#            Narrabri
                     ^ Co-commissioned with Coonamble Shire Council
                      # Co-commissioned with Narrabri Shire Council

4 Jul          Marco Creazzo           Ave Maria
12 Sep        Joe Accario               ^ Volo del Palazzo
                Marco Creazzo           + Ride On (Christy Moore)
                         ^ Co-commissioned with Moorambilla Festival

14 Sep        Christina Mimmochi    ^ Silence is the Rock
27 Sep        Dan Walker              Freshwater suite (4 movements)
21 Dec        Marco Creazzo          + Away in a Manger
                 Marco Creazzo         + Carol of the Drum
                 Marco Creazzo         + Christmas Day
                 Marco Creazzo         + Ding Dong Merrily on High
                 Marco Creazzo         + Gabriel's Message
                 Marco Creazzo         + God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
                 Marco Creazzo         + Good King Wenceslas
                 Marco Creazzo         + Huon Christmas Carol
                 Marco Creazzo         + Mary's Boy Child
                 Marco Creazzo         + Noel Nouvelet
                 Marco Creazzo         + Once in Royal David's City
                 Marco Creazzo         + Silent Night
                 Marco Creazzo         + Star Carol
                 Marco Creazzo         + The Silver Stars
                 Marco Creazzo         + We Three Kings of Orient Are
                         ^ Co-commissioned with Moorambilla Festival

15 Sep       Paul Jarman              Outback suite (5 movements)

                                                     + indicates that this is an arrangement