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Piano patrons.

Leichhardt Espresso Chorus would like to thank all of the people and organisations listed below for their donations during 2010 towards the purchase of our new piano. Each donor sponsored one of the 88 keys on our new piano for $250. This financial support enabled us to purchase a grand piano for use in every rehearsal and performance.

The "Keys to the future" fund-raising drive raised $8,500. 

Key   Sponsor                                                 

A0       Paul Collett
A0#     Ruggero Benvenuti
G1       Peter Moore
A2       Bill East
D3       Ian Balcomb
D3#    Colin Currie    
F3        Diane Paul 
G3       Margie Moore
G3#    Therese Berrigan
A3       Sally Hanna-Osborne & family
B3       Sue Lindsay
C4 (Middle C) Jenny Boddington
D4       Liz Markey
D4#     Pepe Newton
F4#     Pamela Batters
G4       Sooz Blythin 
B4       Shae Fleming
C5       Lliane Clarke  
D5       Kath Green
G5       Margaret Grove
D7       Bronwyn Neal
D7#    Nuala Williams
E7       Nic Beard
F7       Janet Redman
F7#    "2110"
G7      Sooz Blythin
G7#    John Hibbard
A7       John Baird
A7#    Anon
B7       Georgie Cropper
C8       Paul Collett
Stool   Luke Byrne
Cover  Michelle Leonard

In addition to our specific key sponsors, we would like to thank the following people for their generosity towards this piano fund:
   Kath Green's friends
   Helen Kerr-Roubicek
   Paul Roy
   Margo Moore
   Marcus Testoni
   Kate Wade
   Janet Wills
   Narelle Yeo
Thank you to all our wonderful donors!