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In Concert

Israel in Egypt: Handel

6pm, 3pm on 18th and 19th April, 2015 at Hunter Baillie Church, Annandale

Leichhardt Espresso Chorus divides into 2 choirs to sing Handel's epic masterpiece, Israel in Egypt. Conducted by acclaimed Artistic Director Michelle Leonard, the work features soaring solo parts and a world class o.. (click on the item heading for more detail) 

'S' Silly Sayings & Sublime Songs

6pm Saturday, 3pm Sunday on 14th & 15th June at the Italian Forum Cultural Centre

Enjoy two concerts of funny, sublime and wondrous new music featuring the Leichhardt Espresso Chorus, French horn and piano in the fabulous Forum Cultural Centre. Delight in music by Sally Whitwell, Anastasia Paho.. (click on the item heading for more detail)